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tnbuck080.jpg A young 12 pointer that has all the good stuff. He's a basic 9 with a droptine and kickers on both G2s.

tnbuck081.jpg This small buck appears to be standing his ground as a herd of sheep charge up, but he was gone an instant after I snapped the pic.

tnbuck078.jpg This nice 8 pointer is about 20" wide. In 1999 I saw him both healthy and with a broken leg from fighting during the rut. I sure hope he survived...he could be a good one in 2000.

tnbuck074b.jpg This monster 8 pointer is on a ranch where bucks with 8 or fewer points are protected.

tnsfc1.jpg This fine buck (189 gross) was taken in the panhandle region of Texas by a Mississippi hunter. (The antlers are being held by Eric VanSchaik.)

tnbuck076.jpg I caught this fine 8 pointer crossing a sendero during a hunt I made in Zavalla County in 1999.

tnlaxon1.jpg This supurb 185 gross buck was taken in 1992 by Bay Laxon on his ranch. (Venado is holding the antlers.)

tnpacobuck3.jpg This magnificant 205 B&C buck, nicknamed Paco, is a breeder buck in Guadalupe County Texas and was 5 1/2 years old when this photo, supplied by a friend, was taken.

paco12yo.jpg Here is Paco at age 12 1/2, sure he's gone downhill, so arthritic he can hardly walk , but he still scores over 200 B&C..!

pacotwo.jpg Here is one of the offspring of Paco. Hey, it runs in the family..!

pacocaribou.jpg Another one of the offspring of Paco. (Sold to another breeder.)

tnhiliftblind2.jpg South Texas and Mexico is an unusual region with few trees. The terrain has caused the development of very specialized equipment and this photo cut from a magazine is an example. Here is a pickup mounted with a hydraulically lifted box blind made by Hy-lift Hunting Blinds, Inc..

tnturkey99.jpg Venado took this Rio Grande Turkey in 1999.

tnwaltpowell96-97.jpg Walt Powell sent me this picture of a nice 150 class buck that he took in January 1997 in Mexico in the state of Coahuila.

tnvelahouse.jpg This is a hunter camp house in Mexico and is pretty typical of many that I have seen. A solar panel on the roof and 12 volt batteries provide lights in the evening. The chimney provides heat and a cooking surface for grilling food. The elevated tank provides non-potable water that is used for showers, and propane and a hot water heater make it almost like "home"..!

tnmexhse.jpg This small one or 2 room house is typical of many vaquero houses on Mexican ranches.There may be 2 or more adults and several children living there, and as you will note, there are none of the "amenities" of the hunter house above.

tnbuck095.jpg Here is a small but interesting double droptine buck taken in 1985 by Venado in the hillcountry region of central Texas. Bucks in this region are small with body weights on mature bucks often less than 100 pounds field dressed.

tnwayne1.jpg Wayne Hoffman, of New Braunfels, Texas, took this fine buck in Mexico in the state of Tamaulipas in January 1988. This buck has 15 points and grosses 185.

tnanacacho1.jpg A friend gave me this picture showing cowboys on a ranch south of Brackettville, Texas who roped this buck and took the picture before releasing the deer unharmed.

tnanacacho2.jpg Here is another view of the buck above where the mass of the antlers can be better seen.

tnalvin.jpg Here is a picture provided by a friend of a large buck that has been penned up and raised in captivity. When the food supply can be controlled, the genetics in place, and time given to mature, great deer can be grown. It is essential that all three factors are present and that is what makes monster bucks on open range so rare.

aaa2000e.jpg Here is Venado's daughter with her 2000 buck taken in west Texas on her annual hunt with her Dad. One shot, one deer....not a bad record..!

agressive1.jpg Agressive behavior from a nice 11 point buck toward a yearling buck who needs to know who is boss, at least at the moment...!

doefight.jpg My friend Robert Hoague took the picture of this matriarchial doe putting a yearling doe in her place in the pecking order.

IMG0001.jpg I caught this 11 pointer with a droptine in the middle of a sendero.

ven12.jpg Ven holding a solid 150 class 12 pointer taken in the 1960s in south Texas.

rickhale2000.jpg A friend Rick Hale took the picture of this nice 4 1/2 year old 140 class buck on the Wither's Ranch in Webb County, Tx.

skunksnare.jpg A County Trapper caught this unusual brown and white colored skunk in a snare. Since posting this picture, a couple of people have informed me that this coloration does not exist in wild skunks and that the animal is an apricot domesticated skunk. Since this ranch is huge and miles from any habitation, one has to wonder how it got here unless a pet owner disposed of it off of the side of the highway.

buck017s.jpg Venado with a buck taken near Del Rio, TX in Val Verde County.

tnsunset2.jpg Nice buck working a scrape and an overhanging branch.

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