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Archery is one of the oldest sports know to the human race. Over the years archers have used the bow and arrow for hunting, self defense, warfare, competition and recreation. 

Modern archers focus on archery recreation, competition and hunting. Today's archery equipment is diverse. The largest segment of archers use compound bows. In the last decade the compound bow has evolved into a faster shooting, more accurate bow than any bow in archery's long history. Bob Ragsdale's Tech & Tackle Talk is a comprehensive and interactive site on the compound bow and shooting it accurately. Arrows too have changed and today's archers use arrows with aluminum or carbon shafts. 

Performance of Traditional Bows & Arrows also have improved through the use of modern technology. Longbows, recurves and take down bows shoot at speeds that were unheard of twenty years ago. Many tournaments and events are held by and for the rapidly growing number of traditional archers. Traditional Corner is a bulletin board for traditionalists to share information. Traditional Archery is a web site for maintained by Doug Besherse

Olympic Archery has come into its own during the 1996 Olympics when the US Olympic Team took the gold while millions of viewers watched the drama on TV. 

Competitive archery is an international sport. Many shooting styles and classes of equipment are used. US & International Archer is a publication which covers worldwide archery competition events. In the United States 3D Archery is the largest segment of competitive archery. A list of 3-D archery tournaments is maintained at the Archery & 3D Tournaments & Club Events web site.

Bowhunting is the most popular archery activity and accounts for the majority of archery equipment purchases. Archery & Bowhunting Manufacturers have come a long way in the last thirty years as bowhunting grew in numbers from a million to over four-million bowhunters worldwide. 

The Internet has proven to be a means for archers and bowhunters from all over the world to meet and share their thoughts and tips in Bulletin Board Forums and Live Chat

Young archers have never had more presence in the sport of archery. In Olympic Archery and Target Competition, as well as 3D Archery, teenagers and young archers in their early 20's (male and female) are competing at the top level and walking away with regional, national and international archery wins. An excellent web site for youth who are interested in learning how to shoot archery is the Internet's Young Bowhunters Club, headed by Brian Pullam and his crew of young, enthusiastic contributors.

Brian Pullam from the Young Bowhunters Club maintains a page of ever growing links with information for newbees to archery and to bowhunting in the Starting Point.

A mega bowhunting site with news, columns and updates for bowhunters and archers can be found on Bowhunting.Net which is updated daily.